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Handmade Soap Bars (Collodial Oatmeal & Manuka Honey) (Extra Moisturizing/Eczema Therapy)
August 2, 2021
Handmade Lavender & Sage Soap Bars
September 5, 2021

Handmade Vajayjay Soap Bars (Tea Tree, Apple Cider Vinegar & Olive Oil)


All Natural

2 pack soap bars


My handmade vajayjay soap bars are made with all natural ingredients, these soap bars are great for cleansing and restoring a womens PH. The vajayjay soap bars are full of antimicrobial properties which help relieve symptoms of yest infections , bv infections and more. The vajayjay soap bars consist of all natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, tea traa oil and olive oil which helps restore moisture to your secret parts, becuase your v deserves it.

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