Crown Chakra Candle (Reiki Charged)
April 27, 2021
Throat Chakra Bracelet (Reiki Charged)
April 27, 2021

Heart Chakra Bracelet (Reiki Charged)


Check out the beautiful Heart Chakra Candle to pair with this beautiful Heart Chakra Bracelet.

(The Heart Chakra Candle is not included in the price of the bracelet but can be purchased at an additional cost)


Carry your crystals everywhere you go. Our specially designed handmade Heart Chakra bracelets are made of natural green Aventurine crystals and Rose Quartz crystals , bracelets come in different sizes according to your wrist measurements, and for children too.  Wear them to help unblock your Heart Chakra, to feel more love, compassion,empathy and forgivness, these beautiful Reiki Charged bracelets can be a wonderful gift for your friends, family, and loved ones too!

Available in flexible sizes for adults and children, measure your wrist and add 1/2″ -1″ for comfort. If you would like your bracelet to fit snugged add 1/2″ for a more loose fit add an extra 1″. Please enter the size or sizes (if ordering more than one in different sizes) in the description box when placing your order .

For adults – $15
For children – $10

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